Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Enter To Win The Evil Editor Cartoon DVD and Novel Deviations

After more than 850 cartoons, Evil Editor is having trouble thinking of new ideas. So he's turning that job over to you for today. The captions will be submitted by others; all you have to do is come up with an original idea for the drawing.

What do these captionless cartoons look like? Here's where Evil Editor's Minions go to submit captions to newly created cartoons. That and the completed cartoons that appear pretty much every weekday on his main site should give you a good idea of the type of cartoon EE needs.

UPDATE: EE has left an example of how simple this really is in the comments. Something shorter than a tweet will work just fine.

EE will choose three favorites (after eliminating those that are too similar to cartoons that have already appeared and those that he feels would be too much trouble to create) based only on the final drawing (without caption). Those three conceptualizers will each receive the Evil Editor Cartoon DVD (scroll down at the link).

In addition, the person whose idea results in the funniest cartoon (including caption, though again, you won't be writing the caption) will get a copy of Novel Deviations, Vol. 1 (scroll way down at the link). You need not have been one of the three original winners to win this extra prize, as EE may select more than three ideas to illustrate.

What's a deviant novel? Watch the trailer to find out:

Evil Editor will announce the winners on his blog sometime after 8 am CT Thursday.

Winners will be announced here shortly thereafter.


  1. Evil Editor sitting at his desk talking to a zebra. That's just a sample; I'm not entering my own contest. You don't have to draw anything, just describe the scene. Two guys fighting over the last copy of Evil Editor Teaches School in the bookstore. Evil Editor bungee jumping. Hey those aren't bad; maybe I don't need you guys after all.

  2. You never really needed us. Which is why we love you so. Even if we never write any more.

  3. Really? Evil Editor is out of ideas? He hasn't even done one of himself posing with the various forms of pond scum yet...

  4. Evil Editor pondering a like button.

    A woman hitchhiking and Evil Editor pulls up.

    A sabertooth tiger pounces onto Evil Editor.

    Evil Editor putting a harness on a unicorn.

    (just please don't ask me to caption any of these)

  5. "Evil Editor pondering a like button."

    Oh, that one has so many possibilities...

  6. Evil Editor surrounded by children

    Evil Editor and Mrs V on a sailing boat

    Evil Editor and an erupting volcano

  7. Agree on the 'like' button! Or 'Dislike'?!